Monday, April 22, 2002

Ahhh... an update after a nice weekend. Odd in parts, but nice. Ended up having a quiet night in on Friday. Andy texted me later than he thought he'd be and I'd already gone to bed. Still, an early night probably did me the world of good. I was working early Saturday too, but not a normal day in the book store for me, oh no. I was working at a science fiction convention called Supernova (for which I can find no link) for my sins. What a weird day. An incredible amount of people whose first language was 'geek'. Lots of greasy hair and body odour issues. I know it's all a bit stereotypical, but if the anorak fits...

Highlight (if that's the right word) was two Klingons in front of me in the food stall queue ordering calamari. It just didn't fit right somehow! And in a more telling moment afterwards... I texted Garry the flatmate to tell him of the above and how it just wasn't right. Strangely enough the predictive texting on my phone recognised the word klingon, but didn't recognise the word calamari!! Does this mean that geeks program the phone dictionaries or what? Hey ho. But it really made me grin.

Oh, and I also was attempted to be picked up by (probably) the only other two gay people at the convention... a couple who were there to promote their sci-fi film week. Nice enough guys but... does this sort of thing only happen the moment you start to see someone? Anyway the whole thing was just a bit too surreal and I was glad to leave and get home ready for my two days off.

Of course it was Saturday night, and for a change we were actually going out for a meal as it was Anthony's birthday. So, soon we were in the Lord Roberts and then on to a mexican restaurant called Café Pacifico. It was a good night though I was very tired. Beer and margaritas didn't really help, so I stopped drinking and sobered up long enough to make it on to someone else's birthday bash around the corner! That was also fun as lots of the gang were there. Finally home and bed for me at just after 1am.

Sunday arrived unannounced around 9am. Garry and Ant zipped off the the Blue Mountains but I'd arranged to meet up with Andy later in the day so I eased myself gently into the day with toast and coffee with Adrian. Hooked up with Andy and Fami for more coffee at Go-go's and then we hit the Forbes Street Leather Fair to see what was happening. As it turned out, not much was so we went for beers and came back later. Much more enjoyable then! Caught up with lots of mates and had more beer and just generally milled and mooched. Hit Foodgame for food and then the Palace for another beer or two with Steve Mac and his new man and then it was time for home. Well, Andy's. Shower, bed and The Empire Strikes Back. Perfect!

Today's been a productive day too. Brekky, gym with the personal trainer and a sunbed all before 11am. Lunch with Phil. Tidied the bedroom finally during the rest of the day now that I have furniture (limited) post IKEA trip. Managed to break my necklace, smash my lamp and break the toe off the glass clown that was my Mum's today too. At least that's three, so no more I hope! The flat's looking really good now. Actually, the Tales of the City thing is about to happen - hot apartment, hot job and hot boyfriend. Well in three weeks it will. I jokingly mentioned it to Andy at the weekend and said he's only got three weeks left! I was joking!!! Hopefully I'll get chance to enjoy all three for a while. Right. Bedtime now. Just having a wee MSN Messenger chat to Wayne and then it's away with me...

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