Saturday, April 13, 2002

When I left university (117 years ago), I joined British Airways on one of their graduate I.T. programs. It was meant to be a cross between a business and I.T. role, providing I.T. solutions to business problems. Great I thought. However, one thing BA failed to mention was that you had to program solidly for a full two years before you were let loose in any sort of consultancy role. Hmmm. So, ever the shy, retiring type, I complained. To their credit, they upheld my complaint and gave me 6 months to find another job within BA whilst giving me project work. I was offered a job in Inventory Management, overbooking flights to Africa. It was a great department to work in - as part of your normal job you allocated staff travel seats so everyone wanted to be your friend. The work had a nice mix of everyday stuff and ad hoc stuff and used lots of different systems (and brain power!). I moved on to setting all the group and tour operator rates for the Caribbean, whilst providing analysis support for the whole of BA's Rest of the World region (basically everything excuding Europe and North America). It was almost the perfect job - the people being a good mix and a good laugh. So why did I leave? At the time, raw ambition. I wanted to move on within the company, and in that department no-one was moving (as they realised they were onto a good thing!). I moved out into a different analysis job and then out of the company altogether, wanting to change the world (as you do). I have looked back at that time since and wondered if I should move back into it. I even approached Qantas when I first came over here (4 years ago) but there was no external recruitment planned at that time. Hey ho.

Cut to the end of January 2002. For the first (and only) time this year, I scanned the employment section of the Sunday paper. Lo and behold, an ad for Inventory Analysts for Qantas - no experience necessary. Immediately I sent in an application and heard nothing for well over a month. Finally I got a call to attend psychometric tests in early March. Verbal reasoning, numeracy and a personality test.. all 206 questions therein! Nothing more for a week and a half and then finally a call for interview on March 26th. It went pretty well but you never really know. Anyway, I took a call yesterday afternoon from one of the women that interviewed me... and I start in mid-May. Yippee!! I resigned from Borders immediately but will work about 3 more weeks then have a few days off before embarking on a 3 month training program. I can't wait. The chance to use my brain again, new people, a great company and an industry I've always been interested in. What more could you ask for? More money? Yup, and a structured development plan which sounds great. How about cheap flights? Ah yes, those. They kick in after a qualifying period (of which I'm not sure how long yet), but it's there. So, people in the UK, be very afraid. I maybe dropping into the Tavern for that surprise visit when you least expect it. Either way, I'm really really excited again about work for the first time in ages. Wish me luck please!! :o)

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