Monday, April 29, 2002

Well what a fantastic few days. It's been lovely for two main reasons - getting to spend quite a bit of time with Andy and starting to get to know him better, and having David and Brett here from the UK. Caught up with the boys on Tuesday night for pizza and a few beers with Bruno and Chris. Wednesday night met up with David and Brett and went for Thai with Denis and Justin before meeting Andy and joining Russ and Rich and Andrew and Wayne at Arq. It was surprisingly busy as it was a Public Holiday on the Thursday. Good music too. Andy didn't feel so hot so I brought him home and looked after him sometime after 2am. Sleeeeeeeeep. Lazy brekky then Andy drove us up to Palm Beach where we just had a long walk and chatted. Fish and chips on the way home. A real day at the seaside!

Thursday night was drinks at Bruno and Chris's place as another welcome to the boys and it was nice to catch up with Pete and Paul and Denis (again). Takeaway curry and more sleeeeeep. Brekky with Andy and Andrew and a bit of shopping before it all got too much. Gym and a sunbed for me, then round tp Pete and Paul's before heading out to Arq again (no rest for the wicked). It was decidedly empty this time round, but didn't stop us all staying out until about 5.45am Saturday! Ay caramba. Andy had been a good boy and stayed in, so he rang me at 9am to try and coax me into breakfast. I fell back asleep and didn't wake again until about 10.40am. Oops. Met David and Brett for coffee later with Andy and Andrew (are you starting to notice some sort of ritual behaviour showing through here??). Said fond farewells to David and Brett who were flying out that night. It was great to catch up with them and further proof that they are two of the loveliest men I know. Bless.

Then things took a turn for the (even more) hedonistic. Saturday night was Inquisition - a big leather dance party held at Fox Studios. Probably the third biggest party event of the gay calendar here in Sydney after Mardi Gras and Sleaze. I'd managed to score the leather bargain of the year by buying a pair of shorts for only $45 from a closing down sale opposite the flat. Marvellous. Although somewhat skimpy. So, regaled in all our finery we hit Adrian and Fred's for pre-drinks and finally scooted off the the party proper, arriving around 11pm. Everyone I'd ever met in Sydney seemed to be there. We'd picked up Adrian Y and Tony on the way through, as well as Russ and Rich and Andrew and Wayne and it was nice to spend more time with them all. The party was great fun - good music, incredibly friendly atmosphere and a very sexy crowd. What more could you want? It was nice to be there with Andy too - it's been a while since I'd gone to a major party with someone. I'd forgotten how much I like it. Come 7am we'd given our best. What else to do but head home, shower and sleep a wee while. Until getting up and hitting the Barracks for recovery from midday! The usual crowd were there too, and it kept us all amused until 5pm. Coffee. Home. Shower. Tea. Bed.

So nice to spend time with Andy. Lovely man. More please.

Currently Monday 9am. Ugh.

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