Wednesday, April 17, 2002

Wednesday night, and not an entry blogged. Oops. Here goes... Sat night was one of those impromptu nights that just gathers its own momentum and before you know it... We (we being Andy and I, Andrew and Wayne and Russ) started off in Newtown at a house party (and a very nice house it was too), then went to the Newtown Hotel and then the Imperial as it wasn't too busy. However, it was less busy there and so we went back to the Newtown until the Imperial opened its downstairs. However, by about 2am me, Andy and Russ hit Arq because we could! And a good choice it was too. Fun night, ending in me and Andy finally ending up here at 8.30am Sunday morning. Ay ay ay. Slept until lunchtime and vegged. Out to meet Adrian and Strati for coffee at about 6pm, then on to the new Sunday afternoon/evening thing at the Palace Hotel. An encouraging turnout - will this be the replacement for the Beauchamp?? Beers with Russ and Triple F Steve (remind me to tell you about Triple F if I haven't already) and then a quickie at the Shift before home and bed.

If it's Monday, it must be IKEA (the trip postponed from Sunday). Well, after a session with Liz the trainer anyhow. Phil very kindly drove me there, and I bought chairs, a desk, a chest of drawers, glasses, a laundry basket, towels, a toaster, a blender... sigh. Home eh? Came home and started to get sorted. Eventually however Andy called me to an impromptu (the work du jour, natch!) barbie at Russ's - just the 7 of us then! Actually it was really nice and 3 beers and good nosh later Andy and I were here watching Sex and the City. Marvellous. He finally headed home and I hit the sack. Tuesday back at work and I launched myself back in by almost knocking myself out by hitting my head on a locker door. Ouch. However the ensuing headache did mean I left a bit early! More sorting last night and finally got the flat almost back to normal. Today I was meant to hit the gym after work but didn't. Dinner with Martin, which was great, and then coffee with Andy and Andrew and Wayne. I do love living so close to everything! Home. This. Bed. Soon.

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