Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Ay caramba!

I can honestly say we had a ball this weekend. Lots of fun indeed. It was great to get out of Sydney, if only for a weekend. It's the first time I've actually left the city since I arrived. Long overdue. Friday night I had a few beers with Garry - Beresford and Barracks and finally hit the sack around 1am, and seemed to just close my eyes for a nanosecond before the alarm went off at 5am! To Adrian's at 6am and cab to airport. Burger King brekky - yum. Fun flight down, what with camp old stewards and fun hostesses and them picking us out a mile off! Hit the Laird at about 9.30am and got Rich and Russ up and about. Brekky for a second time (this one at a more reasonable hour) with R&R, Tim and Ross and then just pottered, shopped, ate, had coffee etc. Perfect. The intention was to nap in the arvo but... you know how it is. Before we knew it we were in the bar having a beer or three! Got ready and hit Mat's place for pre-party beers (he was staying in a serviced apartment near the Cage). Little Tony & English Richard joined us there too and then we hit the party smack on 11pm as it opened. I really enjoyed the music - quite trancy so I was transported to the end of the Vauxhall :o) Managed to find a nice chunky Welsh man to snog so that was fun. We had a real laugh too all weekend - very carthartic. Oddly the Welsh man reminded me slightly of Michael - not intentionally - more in the way he danced and a slight look about the face. Fun. We left there just before 7am and headed to the recovery at 44. Oddly I had actually been there before when it was a trendy bar to drink in after work 3 years ago, so that was a bit surreal. We survived that until around11am when Adrian and I finally called it a day. Back to the Laird to sleep for 3 hours then up for a drink in the beer garden as there was a bear bbq on! The gang was all there again and we eventually got food before meeting up again in the bar later. Down to the Peel we went. Weird. The most bizarre mix of music. Eclectic doesn't do it justice. Stuff from years ago and odd/dance commercial stuff. We're talking Plastic Bertrand to New Order, EZ Posse to the Bangles, via Tight Fit/The Lion Sleeps Tonight and Katrina and the Waves! Having said that we had quite a laugh.

Finally home around 3am and sleep. Adrian and I had brekky with Tim and Ross on Monday and then arrived back in Sydney around 3.30pm. As still in party mode I managed to persuade someone off the internet to come over to my place... naughty but nice. Turned out he'd also been at Beyond and 44 and was keen to hook up too! :o)

Was a bit vague Tuesday. Managed to get through the day. Talked myself into going to Bad Dog after all on Sunday, for a few drinks and a dance. I've got to go somewhere where Michael is and deal with it, and better to get it over and done with there than at Sleaze. And I think I'll be OK. Michael very kindly detoured last night to pick me up a ticket in Newtown after I failed to get one after work in Oxford Street. I also failed to do the gym last night, but instead had dinner over at Rich's as Russ was still in Melbourne. Nice pasta and chats then home to speak to Michael. May even join him and Deano and Ian for pre-Bad Dog drinks. Brave or stupid? You decide. Tony's going too, so there's someone in support if things go horribly wrong!

Today's been a glorious day. Weather shot over 30C this arvo - shame I'm stuck in an office. Mind you I did sit out at lunch with my chicken, avocado and artichoke sandwich on turkish bread with apple and peach juice and just revel in the warmth. Oh, I still owe you the full peach juice story don't I? Soon...

Gym tonight and then dinner with David Bassett which will be fun - haven't caught up with him in eons. And Thursday tomorrow - don' t you just love short weeks??

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