Tuesday, September 17, 2002

It's Tuesday already. How did that happen? Good weekend, though I'm a bit stiff and sore at the moment... to find out why and where (and it's not what you think!) read on...

Friday night was good. Decided not to do the gym as I had the 10K race on Sunday. Instead went home and prepared dinner and left it cooking whilst I went and met Tony for a swift couple of drinks. We were joined briefly by Richard and Pete and eventually Rich came and we hit our place for dinner and the Matrix on DVD. I had every intention of going out for a couple more beers but after some red wine decided against it. Early-ish bed!

Up early Saturday morning and hit Fox Studios via GoGos for coffee. Picked up all my race pack and headed back home. Couldn't decide what to do and so went and bought new trainers which I'd been coveting for a week or so. Ended up having a slobby day - more coffee with Adrian and (his) Michael, Rich and Russ etc. and then was at a loose end come Saturday night. I was hanging to go out, knowing that I couldn't coz of the race. Ended up having pasta and watching Pleasantville on DVD - highly recommended. In bed before 11pm.

Woke around 5.25am and forced some brekky down and headed to North Sydney. Met up with Tony and Pete and before long we were waiting at the start of the 10K Bridge Run from North Sydney to Fox Studios over the Harbour Bridge. Fanastic day - not too warm at 7.30am. I was aiming for a time of between 50 and 55 minutes based on my time for the 14K City to Surf back in August. I was hoping I might break 50 mins. In the end I came in at around 46 minutes (official time still to come!) so very happy about that. Walked home with Pete and then Garry and I did brekky at Una's as I was starving. Pottered about a bit and finally met Tony and Pete for celebatory meal at Tropicana before heading down to the Green Park for the usual Sunday session. Fun night. Got very drunk in the end. We did the Palace and back to the GP and were joined at various time by the usual suspects. Finally bed around 10.30pm having resisted the urge to kick on with Rich and Russ.

Very sore legs yesterday and blistered ankle (though not from the race!). Night off from the gym and instead rang and chatted to Dad and then for ages to Karen. Lovely to speak to sis again.. it's been a while! Less sore today. Going to brave the gym tonight as only 4 more sleeps until Melbourne. Have a feeling there'll be stories to tell come Monday afternoon...

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