Tuesday, September 03, 2002

Today’s theme (and probably this month too actually) is out with the old, and in with the new.

Out goes Michael, weekends in Erskineville and wondering if he’s a nice bloke (he’s not). In comes more gym, healthy eating and proper catch ups with friends rather than the snatched phone calls and hellos of recent (Michael based) weeks.

I tried to talk to Michael last weekend to no avail. Tried this week but due to various commitments we could only do Friday and he’d had such a big day I left it. We agreed to talk Sunday. However, after ignoring me for most of Saturday night it was obvious he was going to go home with someone else – so we had a few words and I left the club. I then went on to Arq, various other places and finally arrived home at 2.30pm. Joy. Spoke to Michael briefly Sunday and he dropped some of my stuff off and picked up his jacket. We ended up at the same pub Sunday night, and much as I want to I can’t hate him. Problem is, I want to help him change – which isn’t healthy. Nor does he want to (well I think he kind of does, but not now so there’s no point trying to make him think of anyone else other than himself). Anyway, I’ve left things with him. If he wants to try and be a mate then he’s got to make one hell of an effort. We’ll see if he’s prepared to. Otherwise if he continues to treat people this way he’s going to end up old and lonely. I did everything I could and that’s why I’m (so far) relatively OK about it. It’s a shame. I think there’s the potential for a nice bloke underneath it all, but he’s not prepared to make any effort to free him. Onwards and upwards.

Had nice dinners with Phil and Adrian last week, and even the weekend wasn’t too bad – a mate’s 40th birthday party on the weekend prior to the Michael debacle and a few drinks Sunday. Made the gym 7am yesterday and intend to go again before dinner with Tony tonight. There’s a Ruby party at the Shift Saturday night and so I’m probably going to end up there, and Allan from work is having a house party recovery on Sunday straight afterwards so that should be good. Haven’t been to a decent house recovery in ages.

OK – that’s it for the time being. I’m sure there’ll be more soon!

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