Friday, September 06, 2002

Friday afternoon and I'm having a bad day. Just the whole Michael thing. It'll pass. Managed to speak to sister Sue and niece Julia today for the first time in ages. I woke early and so managed to catch them before bed. Nice to speak to them both. Jules seems fine, and Sue - consdering she's been through much more than I have of late - seems to be coping OK too. Fingers crossed for the flat purchase to go through unhindered...

Not really looking forward to the weekend, as it's going to be the first one in about 10 that's not been with Michael. What did I ever used to do before?? Tonight I'm going to have coffee with Phil post-gym, before going to Rich and Russ's for pasta. Probably head down to the Beresford for a beer or two. Actually did that last night with Martin and Garry. It just reminded me how vile the scene can be. Think that's maybe partly to blame for the mood today - I really don't want to have to hang around smoky bars full of nasty queens. Tomorrow - no plans. Might go clothes shopping as I desperately need to, then tomorrow night it's Pank's party; the Ruby Party at the Shift and then recovery at Allan and Ian's. Probably tip up at the Palace/Green Park on Sunday afternoon. Sounds in theory like quite a nice weekend. Only problem is, when you've just stopped seeing someone, you acquire the Klingon Cloaking Device. You know - you go out to bars/clubs and see nice looking men to whom you are completely invisible. What is it with that? Can anyone explain? (Actually maybe I should change that to the Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak so that I appear a little more au courant!)

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