Friday, September 27, 2002

Friday arvo and I'm in the most mischevious mood... lordy. Lock up your daddies. Currently trying to make myself look busy until 5pm, hence the little blog entry. Since Wednesday afternoon I've kind of been in the same frame of mind - rampant hedonism! Did the gym and met David as arranged. Beer. Dinner and wine. More beer. Met up with Rich who'd landed himself an impromptu promotion that day, so we did the Oxford, Stonewall, Shift run. Stumbled home and into bed and fell into a very drunken stupor. Yesterday was not big or clever. Well actually the hangover was quite big, and was only fixed with Panadol, turkish toast with Vegemite and intravenous latt├ęs. Binned the gym last night in favour of messing around on the PC, then went out for a walk as the night was completely and I was going balmy. Russ arrived back from Melbourne late with today off up his sleeve, so suddenly we were in the Oxford again. And then the Shift. And then for some reason Arq. Odd. Just downstairs open - drag shows a go-go. It was actually quite a laugh and before I knew it I was stumbling home around 3.30am. Oops.

Not sure the dentist would have appreciated the vodka breath this morning but hey, you get that. Into work feeling pretty good considering and here I remain - but with the most incredible urge to just go mental this weekend. Am looking forward to Bad Dog on Sunday - David Bassett's going too so it'll be quite a laugh. Actually looking forward to going out with Michael too - maybe I'm more ready to move on than I thought. Let's hope so. However, that's not until Sunday - there's tonight and tomorrow to get through first. And yes, it's weird that the party is on a Sunday 3-10pm. Though I can pretend I'm at the Vauxhall :o) Actually the Bad Dog parties are pretty good, though the music is somewhat eclectic. The highlight of the last one was the first track played after the DJ changeover - A Forest by The Cure. Hadn't heard that out in a club for yonks. In preparation I've been playing (on high rotation) Excursions by Felix Da Housecat - am currently obsessed with it. It's exactly the kind of music we'll hear Sunday - normally a bit harder than I'd go for, and not much singing opportunity, but boy has it got under my skin.

The minkering starts very soon... ;o)

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