Tuesday, September 10, 2002

OK, so I started this once and then managed to turn my keyboard Chinese or something and ended up deleting everything! Not recommended. In short, as it's late and I need some sleep:

Felt better Friday after dinner at R 'n' R's. To Beresford and then Barracks and then home at 2am. Sleep.
Up 10am Saturday to watch Video Hits and have brekky. Decided to finally take a nice walk down to Broadway to do some shopping as it was warm and sunny and that's about 25 minutes walk. Big mistake. Having time alone suddenly brought all the Michael stuff on again and so I ended up buying nothing and coming back here. Met Adrian and (his) Michael and Rich and Russ for coffee and felt much better. Home, changed, dinner and then watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory on DVD bought after coffee in a moment of need. Fantastic. Set me up for the night! To R 'n' R's and then down to the Shift for the Ruby Party. It was very busy and the music quite trance-y and before long all thoughts of Michael were gone as I danced the night away surrounded by lots of sexy men. Actually the crowd was a good mix and we had a good time. Finally, around about 7am it all ended and off we went back to R 'n' R's to shower and change before going to Allan and Ian's. Naturally we'd turned down an orgy invitation by this time. No, really. With a big strapping hairy American couple. (Don't ask me why we said no!)

We arrived at the party around 9am with a bottle of gin and the desire to carry on minkering. Oh, and boy did we. We just listened to music and chatted and recovered. People came and went, Michael phoned which was something, and finally we decided to make a move and hit the Palace and then the Green Park. Rich went home, me and Russ had a beer in each but I was very tired at this point having not slept. And it being 8.30pm! Spoke to Michael for a little while. Home. Finally. Decided to call Michael, but he was falling asleep and I was tired and emotional, so not the best of moves. Asleep by 9.45am.

And awake through the night, mind racing. Got up about 3.30am and played on the net. Finally into work as normal, very tired. Somehow got through Monday not feeling too bad. Home. Forced myself to go to the gym. Home, food, called Michael to apologise for giving him a hard time the night before. The usual stuff really! Net. Bed. 1am. Awake by 4am. Tired today.

Into work and had a review sprung on me. I'm glad I did!! It would appear that Qantas is very happy with me so far. I started on a Level 6 job with the potential to progress up to Level 9 in a rough given timescale of around 18 months - roughly 6 months at each level. However I've been re-graded staight to a Level 8 after 3½ months. Go Davie! Very happy with that and the extra money it'll give me. Spent the rest of the day very happy indeed. Remarkable. Home and to the gym to run (7½K in preparation for Sunday's 10K Fun Run). Back here and then to R 'n' R's for dinner and chats and tea and chocolate. Marvellous. Home. And time for bed.

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