Monday, September 17, 2001

Adrian called to see if I wanted to meet for coffee with Paul, Pete and Fred. So I did. Forced some raisin toast down me (barf!) and then me and Adrian wandered around here and there enjoying the day - both days were beautiful weather. Finally I joined Garry, Mat, Mike and Haydn at the Oxford and then another Adrian joined us as did Andy and Tony. Me and Garry decided to go to the Shift, which was OK. Not as good as the last couple of weeks, but I did snog Richard again - one of the guys from the other week! Tart. Home at around 10pm and bed. Much needed sleep.

Today's been odd. Not a good night's sleep. Weird dreams again. Another one about fuseboxes and torches - what's that all about? Also, I dreamt that someone I know died, which was horrible. Not saying who. Nasty. So woke before first light, and didn't really sleep well again at all. Up at 7.45am, feeling very ropey indeed. Diarrhoea back in full effect, so not happy about that. Have pottered, done lots of washing, posted some stuff, got some more information about a job that sounds good, bought some bits and eaten dry toast. Felt ropey all day and still not back to normal. A quiet night I think. Going to sort some more stuff now and maybe kip on the daybed for a while. Laters...

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