Monday, September 17, 2001

Monday afternoon. Another weekend of shenanigans! Must have a quiet weekend this coming one, as it's Sleaze Ball the following week and we don't want to peak too early now do we!

Friday I didn't make it to the gym as it took me too long to get into town. I need to remember I'm in Bondi now, and a good half hour bus ride from the city as opposed to a quick walk. Went to Adrian's as arranged and we walked down to Fox Studios to the movies there. Weird seeing it on a normal weekend - it's the place where they hold Mardi Gras and Sleaze and so it's normally teeming with semi-naked men. Not on Friday though. Curses. We decided to see A.I. Bad move. I've just reread Jonathon's review and I have to agree. Except that overall I'm not sure if I was that entertained. It's a long film and it maybe tries to cover off too many issues in one. Basic themes though are having someone to love, belonging and going in search of your dreams. Now for some reason all of that put me in a most sombre and pensive frame of mind after the movie had finished. Great for the date! Actually it was OK, as Adrian and I spent a while talking afterwards and over dinner. Think it was all a bit too soon for me having come here and having the flat/job/Tony stuff going on. Hey ho. Early to bed at Adrian's and no alcohol! Shock horror!

Up at 8 o'clock! Crikey. Said my fond farewells and headed for the gym. The trains over to the North Shore were cancelled (thanks!), so I had brekky and then headed back to Bondi. Garry came over and we went for a walk down to the beach and on the rocks at the north end. Frozen yoghurt and then back here to watch the most surreal film on ABC (the Aussie equivalent of the BBC). Filmed in the 70s it was probably best described as a film about a glam rock band and their groupies, but in a most Ealing/Carry On vein. I can't find any links on the Net to it, but it was so trashy it was entertaining, and best for me, Garry and Charlie to name the actors and actresses. Richard Beckinsale, Paul Nicholas, Roy Kinnear, Arthur Mullard, Hattie Jacques and others. Best of all when Nicholas Young came on (who used to be in the Tomorrow People) Charlotte nearly wet herself - as he's married to one of her best mates back in the UK and she went to their wedding! Fantastic.

We had some chicken and rice and then me and Garry headed to his before meeting Mat at the Oxford. Brad had called and so we met up with him after nipping out for a slice of pizza. So rock 'n' roll. From there we went to Palms, which is small and camp and had a dance floor playing trashy music. We loved it! And soon were equally as trashy. The need for more minkering manifested itself and soon we were at the Pheonix again. Lordy. Horny, hairy men and good music made us feel very happy indeed! Eventually one by one the boys departed, leaving me wondering where to go at 5.15am on a Sunday morning. I won't give you all the details, but I decided to walk home to Bondi at 7.30am. It took an hour, which isn't bad considering it's half an hour on the bus! Sleep from 9am until 2pm...

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