Tuesday, September 04, 2001

Strange day already. And it's only 10.30am. Ended up reading Bruno's book until gone 3am last night. Then woke at 5.28am having had a weird dream about hallucinating and seeing people in this apartment, the lights fusing, me being unable to change the fuses, Garry arriving, this place being in a different building and being told there was going to be torrents of running water flooding through the ceiling, me having a torch that I kept forgetting about. Weird. At 7.15am I woke again, and this time it was with lingering dream memories of being pursued by two guys in a semi-menacing way. I lived in a round building with lots of glass and I was trying to hide from them. Odd. Was awake and so finished Bruno's book - I do read quickly. Not sure I warmed 100% to his writing style, but I did quite enjoy it. Bits were quite moving.

I also decided to check out the website that I was working on before I left work. It's finally up. Really odd seeing it there and now no longer being a part of it. Strange to see things I've written and tested and proofed actually existing. It's quite thrown me.

So now it's time to get up off my arse and do stuff. Lots going on - see last night's list. Let's get to it.

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