Tuesday, September 18, 2001

Time for bed. No sleeping yesterday afternoon after all. Wandered out and bought The Stand by Stephen King second hand for $8. Bargain. Back here and sat on the daybed. Charlie arrived home and made dinner. We watched some TV (Boston Public, The Secret Life of Us) and then I went to bed and read a while. Slept until 9.30am today and feel much, much better. Did a job application after brekky, sorted some stuff, met Garry, Mat and Gary for lunch, went to the gym, had my sunglasses bent back into shape and headed back here. Tidied my room some more and then Tony arrived to have a look at the flat. We had a lovely dinner over the road at No Name's (tuna, salad, potato wedges) and a couple of beers. The most relaxed evening I've spent with Tony since we split. Home and a quick chat to Andy B who still might be coming out for Sleaze. Hope so. Brief telly watch and now bed. Meant to be getting up to do the gym at 7.30am. We'll see!

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