Monday, September 03, 2001

Blogger lag. Lagger blog. Either way I've been remiss. I left you Friday afternoon. All in all the weekend's been a better one - mainly because I've actually felt properly better for the first time since I actually arrived in this bloody country! Friday night was the usual - drinks with the boys down the Oxford. Me, Garry and Mat - the Three Musketeers. Or should the be the Three MinkeredBeers? Down to the Beresford for bears night and then the Shift and stumbled home.

Saturday had a slow start to the day. Watched Video Hits and then I'd planned to catch up with Darren (the nice guy I met a couple of weeks ago). However, he had to work and so I joined Garry and Mat down at the IMAX cinema. We rather stupidly (in retrospect) went for the double movie deal as it was only $5 more. After a lovely healthy McDonald's it was time for Cyberworld. Fun. Essentially a number of short animated pieces linked very loosely with a bad plot, but the 3D effects are fantastic. After that we saw Alien Adventure, which isn't so good. Also because of the size of the screen and the whole 3D thing going on you feel quite queasy, and the second feature was based around a theme park. We walked out of their quite green! Retired to Garry's place then couldn't resist the lure of the Oxford once more. We planned to go to Newtown, but in the end couldn't be arsed.

Sunday I arranged to meet Darren at 3pm, so that gave me enough time to meet Garry and Claire (from his work who I'd met on Thursday) for brunch. We went to one of my old haunts in Victoria Street and had eggs and bacon. Darren arrived here at 3pm. We'd arranged coffee, but I wasn't sure whether it was coffee, or "coffee". Turns out he wasn't sure either. Fortunately it was "coffee" so a good result all round. He's a nice guy, and I think will end up a good mate. I joined Garry, Mat and Scotty in the Oxford about 7.30pm and for some reason it was a much better night than either Friday or Saturday. Maybe coz I had a spring in my step! We headed to the Shift, which was surprisingly packed and a hoot. Lots of cute men and girly music. Finally home about midnight.

Today's been the lazy day to end all lazy days. Lots to organise for moving and phone calls to make and letters to write and so on. So I did nothing. But I do have to go on public record to say I love Scally. I've been having problems loading Office on to my PC and he sent me a possible way of fixing it. It worked! I now have Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Access. Good to brush up on for possible temping work, so thanks once again matey! Oh, and I was meant to go to the gym again today, but knocked it on the head coz of hungoverness. I made rice and chicken and peas. Still trying to eat plainish food to keep the giardia at bay. Rang Paul and Pete and met them in time for Bruno's book launch. My first ever one. Not quite as entertaining as the scene from Bridget Jones, but enjoyable and a smattering of lovelies to admire. Joined P and P for dinner near here and it was really nice to catch up with them again. Must do that more often. They're trying to make me go out with them this weekend. Think I will. Be good to do something different for a change. Came home and got a call from Tim Red Shoes and we gassed for an hour. It was nice to hear a friendly voice, and a reminder that I've not actually spoken properly to mates from home for a while. Emailing and instant messaging is all well and good but as BT once said, it's good to talk.

Bed soon. Tomorrow is the start of the doing stuff. On the list is:
Book removal men
Phone 2 temp agencies and 1 recruitment company
Sort out bills
Sort out tax stuff
Start packing

You get the idea. Not only do I need lists, but I need to then cross the things off them. Oh, and Charlotte the new flatmate's back from the UK tomorrow, so need to catch up with her. So far I don't think she know's I've resigned! It's also cheap night at the movies, so might go and see Blow. Check back tomorrow and see how much I actually did!

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