Tuesday, September 11, 2001

Monday set the computer up and that was about it. Managed to get down to the old flat and clean. Got my haircut and hit the gym. Am planning to have a mohican again for Sleaze so didn't have the hair cut too short. Those of you who remember the mohican from last year should know the look I'm after. But maybe without the gold hair mascara this time... Back to meet David at the old place and sign forms and so on. Back here and cooked steak and salad for me and Charlotte. Chat to Garry on the phone. Bed at 11pm. Today not much. This mega blog entry. Now it's time to get on with the day. More later kiddies.

Oh nearly forgot. Field of dreams last night. Dream one - being in a rowing boat drifting across a sea that was a luminous ochre colour with big completed noughts and crosses boards almost carved out of it. Can't remember much more about that now. Dream two - going to see Little Roger in a clinic in South America somewhere as he'd had plastic surgery. His face was red raw and Scally was there but can't really remember much more about it in the cold night of afternoon. Very odd. Finally a weird slightly more sexual dream involving being able to see into lots of other people's rooms across a large courtyard and know what was going on. Danny was with me but that's all I can remember. Must check what was in the salad!!

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