Wednesday, September 05, 2001

Except of course I didn't. Off the list after today?

Booked removalists.

Don't hold your breath for anything else. Couldn't get going today. Diarrhoea back so hoping it's not the giardia resurfacing. Managed to find out that the online specialist recruitment company called in the receivers in May. Thanks. Found an extra temp agency so three to call tomorrow. Didn't gym as was too tired. Headed to the pictures (Tuesday is cheap cinema prices all over Oz) and watched Final Fantasy. The animation is incredible, and I found the film highly watchable. I was in the mood for little intellectual stimulation, but it really held my attention.

Over to Garry's for noodles and then we took a long walk to Circular Quay and a couple of beers at the Paragon. Nice. Home. Chats to Danny online.

Oh yes. Moulin Rouge opens there this week. Go see it. I really, really enjoyed it. A true 'spectacle'. And camp as all hell.

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