Thursday, July 12, 2001

Ay ay ay. The times they are a-stranging. Have gone into the most weird mood starting yesterday. Don't know why, but it's here. It's kind of a mix of feeling down, a bit lost and wanting to put my head in the sand and make everything go away. I guess it's not that surprising really, given what I have gone through in the last few weeks. In fact only 3½ weeks ago I moved from the flat in Elephant into Peckham. It seems like aeons ago.

Of course there's absolutely no reason for this feeling. At all. I've moved to a country that I love, I have (what seems like it will be ) a great (but demanding) job, a circle of friends from when I lived here before and some new work colleagues, and the possibility of a partner in Tony. So, why the funk? A period of readjustment? Just getting my head around the fact that I'm actually here? The realisation that now I'm here it's not really any different than London was? Except for going out less...

It is winter though, and the most marked difference here is that this will last only 2 months of the year instead of the summer being over in a nanosecond. I need to sort the flat, get to the gym, eat healthily and focus on work - after all, I have a site to relaunch in under a month.

OK matey, pull yourself together. Show these Aussies what you can do. Guess I'd better go and a) slap myself around a bit, b) get my website producer head on and c) think about what to have for lunch.


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