Monday, July 16, 2001

Weekend synopsis:

Friday: Quiet beers with Tony that kind of escalated. Suddenly there were about 8 of us, and quiet became a bit louder. Tony and I ate at Cafe Comity and then back to mine to crash... and crash we did.

Saturday: Woke at about 10.30am feeling a little worse for wear. Managed to just about get our act together and head off to pick hire car up for noon. Got the car, which smelt of a) cats b) garden centres and c) used jocks, and headed to Bondi for fantastic brekky at Tony's local - Brown Sugar. Green eggs - wonderful! (And no, I'm not referring to this, but to scrambled eggs with pesto - couldn't find a link for the latter!) Left Tony to work and headed to the SupaCentre at Moore Park for a supposed shopping frenzy. Garry and Mat joined me there, but our sum total of purchases were 24 tea light holders and 2 CDs. Home and sorted a bit and then chatted on the net to Danny and Wayne. Headed to Tony's at around 9pm for Thai food and then Tony worked and I watched telly and read a bit. I hit the sack at around 1.15am, Tony finally stopped working around 3.30am.

Sunday: Woke at 9.50am. Meant to be at Ian's at 10am to pick up the telly and CD player! D'oh. Rang but no answer so Tony and I wandered down to the beach and had coffee as it was the most fantastic morning. Winter. 19ÂșC. Go figure. Ian did then ring so Tony headed back to yet more work and I went down to Darlinghurst. Got my things!! Yay! Finally also met Terry - Ian's other half. They've only been going out together for about two years now... Got everything set up at the house and dropped Ian back on the way back to the SupaCentre. Boy my life is SO rock 'n' roll! This time I held no prisoners. I bought:
Fitted sheet set
Plug extensions
Ironing board*
Bed linen (x2)
Tea towels (x6)
Lemon squeezer
Coat hangers (x16)
Plastic containers (x5)
Potato peeler
Kitchen scales
Plastic cups (x6)
Bath mat
Scissor set (x3)

I think that was it. God, it's like playing that game at the end of The Generation Game. No cuddly toy though. Dumped everything back at the ranch, dropped the hire car off, came and showered and shaved and hit the pub. Met up with Garry and Mat again, and got drunk and did lots of girly singing. Hmmm. Not a good look. Home, drunken phone calls and bed. Way to go!

*For guests obviously

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