Wednesday, July 11, 2001

Nice night last night. I've no idea where the time went, but go it did. Home about 6.30pm after a swift commute home. Tried to get the fax software sorted on the PC at home. I can fax out OK, but have problems receiving stuff other than doing it manually, which isn't the point really. I think I may have to get another phone line installed in the flat. Went online and chatted to Danny a while, which was fun and nice to catch up with him. Tony called and came over from a late meeting bearing gifts - beers and crisps. We like that. Sat and chatted and then went out for dinner. We couldn't decide what the hell to eat but finally settled on sharing a big risotto and a big salad. Nice. Home and chill. Bed. The flat is definitely cold. Much better for having someone to keep warm with :o)

Lousy host this morning though. Unable to provide brekky,as the contents of my fridge currently run to beers, milk, yoghurt, dips and apple juice. Also, I have no sugar, precluding making of tea for Tony. Also, coz the cooktop is a) electric and b) half knackered, it takes about 300 years for the kettle to boil. We walked downtown and bought coffee and muffins. Sometimes it's for the best! Into work and have been briefing an agency to design screensavers and e-cards. Rock 'n' roll!

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