Wednesday, July 11, 2001

Re-read the earlier blog entry and it's a bit dull. Come on Dave, you can do better than that! Sorry, think my brain is overloaded with new stuff. I could tell you about the commute in more detail. I have about a 10 minute walk to the train station, but it's through town and I go past a number of nice little coffee bars which is great for me in terms of sustenance, but bad for me in terms of waistline (if I don't get my arse in gear and do some exercise).

The trains here are different to the tubes in London. They are incredibly regular, reliable and are double decker (how funky is that?). I only go three stops - Town Hall-Wynyard-Milson's Point-North Sydney. The best part of the journey? Crossing the harbour on the bridge. The train emerges from the tunnel and on the left is all of Sydney Harbour laid out to the Blue Mountains in the west - lots of inlets off the harbour, lush greenery, docks and wharfs, catamarans whizzing commuters to work, Luna Park amusement park on the North Side giving a sleazy seaside town feel to things, the swimming pool (even busy at 8.30am with keen athletes).

On the right side (and with a better view on the way home) is Circular Quay, home of the Opera House. Seeing that each morning is the kind of pinch-yourself reminder that you're on the other side of the world. The Quay is also home to a big ferry terminal full of yet more commuters. Oh, and loads of those street type entertainers that dress up as the Statue of Liberty and frighten small children. The harbour opens out as it heads towards the Pacific, with more docks and wharfs cityside now converted into funky apartment buildings and the Taronga Park Zoo and other fantastic things North side.

Then the five or so minute walk to the office where sadly, as already blogged, there are no more views. Not a bad little trip all in all, and a couple of nice deli's this side of the harbour too, to stave off hunger lunchtimes. Right. More tea. Vicar.

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