Monday, July 16, 2001

Up later than I wanted to be today. Conscious at around 7am and then felt groggy when I finally woke at 8.07am having failed to set the alarm. The walk down the the station is good for the soul though, particularly on an again gorgeous morning. My walk takes me past Hyde Park and I also get a great view of the AMP Tower (Centrepoint as was), both of which looked great in the morning sun. Big breath. Take in view. Everything seems better.

For some reason today, the last bit of my walk found me singing Rockabilly Rebel by Matchbox. Why? I've no idea. Rebel? Maybe. Rockbilly? With this hair?? I don't think so.

I've yet to work out Sydney Transport's pricing policy. For three days last week it cost me $3.00 for a day return to North Sydney. One of the other days cost me $5.20 and I think (though I may have misheard as it was my first day) another day cost $5.50. I guess it's a peak hour thing, though in all but one of those days I've travelled before 9am. Maybe they change the peak hour time on a daily basis. Maybe not. All I can work out at the moment is that the price seems more expensive after about 8.48am. Maybe I should ask. Maybe I should buy a weekly ticket. But who's to know what price that might be?

Finally for the moment THAT view. The one from the train. The Harbour was incredibly calm this morning in the bright, early sunlight. I had coffee and a ham and cheese croissant nestling contentedly in my rucksack. Perfect.

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