Friday, October 05, 2001

Friday afternoon and I'm waiting for the removalists to come and take my fridge away to Matty's, when I'll be $350 richer and he'll be a fridge better off. Yesterday was a fairly dull day in the end. Up not that early and sort stuff out here. Got ready and headed into town. Popped to see one agency but to be honest I've no real hopes from that - the guy I saw seemed interested because I said media, then lost interest when I didn't do web design. Soon my child... Had another interview about 3pm which was better, but the bottom line is that there's not much work around. The woman was very nice though. Met Garry and Mat and we had a coffee/snack at the MLC. Home after that and did a bit of shopping on the way. Sat with Charlie and ate a big bag of Dorito's and salsa. Burp. Intended to cook but couldn't be arsed so ate half a litre of mango sorbet instead, whilst watching trashy telly. Big e-mail catch up after that, nice chat to Jonce online and bed gone midnight.

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