Thursday, October 11, 2001

Via a rather circuitous route I've been listening to the Human League's 1989 album Romantic? (Actually it was the mention of them in the quiz, and then searching for something I'd not heard in a while (800 CDs - I don't want to play any!) that got me there.) It's fairly mediocre stuff, apart from one track - Soundtrack to a Generation. The music is the League at their best (well IMHO anyway) but it's the lyrics and singing that will make you either love it or hate it. For me it has a similar feel to both Together in Electric Dreams and The Never Ending Story (both of which for me are inextricably, inexplicably linked. Except they were in the charts at the same time - my first term at Uni). The lyrics border on the absurd at times - the girls singing 'Holy Cow!' and Phil intoning 'The world's a massive place. But we run into each other. Just one small happening. An accident of fate. Or the work of co-conspirators?' So, so Human League. I love it. And whoever this is does too.

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