Monday, October 22, 2001

Tell me why I quite like Mondays... Coz suddenly the pressure of being unemployed has gone and I've three weeks of leisure time before starting work.Yippee. The plan is to try and get some sunshine on the beach here in Bondi, and also to get back to the gym. Might run later this morning, but meant to be having lunch with Tony to talk about a couple of days work for him. Waiting on that call...

So, the weekend. I blogged from Adrian's on Friday very briefly after the call from Borders telling me I'd got the job. Resisting the temptation to go out and get very drunk, I had a quiet evening with Adrian, ate steak and roasted veg and watched Galaxy Quest - which I thought was great fun. Lots of in-jokes for people that watch sci-fi stuff, and the leads (Sigourney Weaver, Tim Allen and Alan Rickman) hamming it up for all they're worth. In bed by 10.15pm, I slept very badly as my mind was racing with the job news. Having been not working for 2 months it means I can start and really get my act together and sort out my life and lifestyle.

Up at 7.30am (Adrian's a bit of an early riser - Matron) we had breakfast and took a walk down to Paddy's Markets in Chinatown. Just a collection of junk for sale really, though they do great fruit and veg. Finding it a bit dull we wandered back Oxford Street way and had coffee before being joined by Garry and Mat for brunch. Adrian wanted to potter and so the rest of us boys hit the park to watch people playing softball. It was a bit cold, even though the sun was shining but nice to catch up with Pete and Paul, and Chris, the first guy who interviewed me for Borders. Got the lowdown on the company a bit more and it seems that they have a thing called 'the sorting' over the first three or so weeks. This is where they work out who's good and/or suited to being departmental lead, or be put in charge of training and so on. So best behaviour for me when we start then! Although 'the sorting' sounds a bit like this to me...

Back into town for a quick drink and then home for me and an attempt to get some sleep. Managed about half an hour or so after chats to Dad, Karen and Sue. Got ready and headed back to Adrian's at about 11pm. Met Mat at the Oxford and then after a chat to the lovely Gregg (Who's your diddy daddy?) we headed down to the Pheonix. Met up with Pete and a few of the others and had a great time. Initially the music was fantastic but it did go a bit pear-shaped towards the end. We took a bit of a latin turn, followed by Bootylicious (bearing in mind most of the other stuff had been quite hard up until this point), some sort of Spanish guitar duelling and then Wordy Rappinghood by the Tom Tom Club. Whaaaaat? Very, very odd. We hit the Shift for a quick dance before Arq where we danced with Richard and Russell. Home and sleep around 6am.

Up around 11am. Quick brekky and then it was almost time for tennis! Good fun yet again, though not sure any of us was that good bearing in mind the weekend's minkering. Battuta's for a snack then back to Garry's to shower and then out again to the Shift! Lots of playing of pool and the odd flirt here and there. There were two guys giving me the eye who were as sexy as hell. Unfortunately they left before I got chance to do more than a bit of eye contact, but this is Sydney, the scene is small and we will see them again. Oh yes. Home and bed around 11pm after tea and choccie.

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