Wednesday, October 24, 2001

Had lunch with Tony and we had a really good natter about life, the universe etc. before covering the work stuff in the last few minutes! I then rushed down into town to play tennis with Garry (we didn't pay - result!), and then had a coffee. Back to Bondi where I concocted some lovely pasta creation, caught up with Charlie and watched The Secret Life of Us. Fantastic. Long chats on the internet to the lovely David Perry who I've not spoken to in a while, and Michael from NYC who sadly lost his job today - it was great to chat to them both. Bed late - 1am.

Tuesday was my first day of work in a while. Doing some research for Tony and it's surprisingly absorbing. Garry came over for dinner, Tony stopped by to go through what I'd done, we watched Teachers and some other crap, Garry left, I chatted to Charlie and Duncan, chatted on the net till late and stumbled bedwards at 1am again. Naughty.

Slept until 11.30am. Ugh. Feel drugged. Did mail and stuff and some chats online. Brekky and so on. Heading down to meet Olivier for coffee and then it's Mat's turn to make dinner. Or should I say Vath as he's now known after a drunken exchange in the Oxford on Saturday.

"John, this is Mat."
"No, Mat!"
"No, Mat!"

This coupled with the fact that Mat said "No, that name will stick!!" meant that of course it has! And me amending it to Lord Vath and doing the vulcan 2 finger sign thing which Mat can't do helped cement it. Bless. Apparently we're having grilled lamb sandwiches with all the trimmings. Fantastic say I. More later...

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