Tuesday, October 16, 2001

Saturday 4pm headed back out to coffee with Adrian. Then met Garry and Anthony for quick beers at the Shift before going to Claire's martini party. It was fun - and we just had to drink pure alcohol from 8pm until about 11.30pm. I'd realised I'd left my keys in the flat, so had arranged to ring Charlie so she could let me in later. I got back to Bondi at 11.45pm, and rang. Er, no answer on Charlie's mobile, or the buzzer. Great. Not knowing how long she might be I did what I didn't want to do but what had been kindly offered - ringing Adrian and heading back down town in another cab and staying with him. Bless him - I didn't really want to wake him as he'd been in bed from earlier on as he was working early the next day.

I awoke at around 8am as Adrian was getting ready to leave for work, and he kindly left me to lock up after myself. I had coffee and watched this fantastic episode of the New Avengers on UKTV before heading back to Bondi. Me and Charlie went for brekky at 'Love in a Cup' and pigged out. Garry called at 12.40pm and said that he was at the tennis courts. 'You're early' said I, 'we're not playing until 2pm.' We're playing at 1pm' said Garry and so I ran like a mad thing, got sorted and got down there smack on time. Tennis is great! We'll be doing that again (and have already booked for this Sunday). I used to play a lot as a teenager and it all came flooding back. Great fun. Me, Garry, Mat and Gary Jones (Boo). Took a bizarre drive to the airport afterwards to eat KFC (too long a story), and then back to Garry's for tea. Met Adrian for more coffee and then to the pub. L of D was there but Garry not in the best frames of mind as he and Anthony had split the night before. He went home and me and Mat hit the Shift. OK. Home around 11pm for me.

Monday went shirt shopping for interview, failed to find one, came home, washed and ironed comfortable stuff and then hit the interview for Borders. As I said, OK, but not sure. Won't find out until next week - or maybe slim chance at the end of this week. Either way it feels like forever! Met Garry and Mat for coffee after that and Claire joined us. Us boys hit Mat's where I cooked and we drank our winnings from last week's quiz. Home and bed around 1am.

Today was a bit of a nothing day. Slept late. Brekky. Job hunting - nothing I fancy... what's wrong with me? Charlie came home and she worked whilst I looked through all the weekend's papers. Not much else to report. Bit of telly, bit of a play on here, lots of tea and choccy. I must get healthy again! Right - coming up to midnight and bedtime for me. Want to get some stuff done tomorrow and meeting Adrian for coffee at 4.30pm. G'night.

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