Wednesday, October 03, 2001

Monday - 2.30pm onwards: Up for a little while. Originally going to go and eat, but having got downstairs and had a glass of coke we couldn't manage anything more and headed back to bed until about 6pm. Out and ate properly for the first time in 48 hours, and then back to chat with Fred and Glenn. Finally we couldn't last any longer and so crashed at 7.45pm, sleeping solidly for 13 hours until 8.45am Tuesday morning! What a fantastic time!!!!

Had brekky with Adrian and Glenn and finally made it back to Bondi. Must say the hugest thanks to Adrian (and Fred) for their hospitality over the entire party weekend. They live smack in the middle of everything and it made it so much easier to walk to things and be able to shower and change without hiking back to Bondi. Bless you guys, you're stars. Tuesday was a day of sorting stuff. Cleared out cupboards; the cleaner came; I made a chilli. That was about all I was good for. Spent a quiet night in with Charlotte and it was much needed.

Today was nice too. Up not too early, job hunting (interview with an agency tomorrow), haircut, meet Garry and Mat, pop to see Adrian, beer with Garry, home. Both Tim Red Shoes and David O called tonight, which was an unexpected pleasure. Big blog. It's now 11pm and time for me to hit the sack I think. Nighty night!

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