Wednesday, October 03, 2001

Saturday - Sleaze Ball: We grabbed Adrian and Glenn and walked down to Fox studios is our freshly changed outfits. I was wearing a singlet, short shorts, trainers and with mohican in full effect. We arrived just after 10pm as it opened, and as Garry had never been before we gave him a quick tour. From the Royal Hall of Industries (RHI) where the cheesier music is played; through the Hordern which is slightly harder; to the Dome which is harder again. Each of those venues reduces in size too, but still there's enough space for the 20,000 or so people. The theme for this year was Beast, so there were many animal type costumes - some of the best can be seen here. The evening is a bit of a blur from that moment on. I saw more people there than I realised I actually knew (Fred, Paul and Pete, Claire, David B, Boo, Sandra, Darren, Darren, Ian, Peter, Dean, John and Andrew, Adam, Kevin and Craig, Richard and Russell, lots more...), lost and found Garry, Adrian and Mat by turns, spent time in the Dome and the RHI, saw the midnight show in the RHI (lots of bears doing a performance), missed the last one (Paul Mac) and finally spent the last hour and a half dancing and cuddling with Adrian in the Dome. Fantastic. Wandered back slowly to Adrian's at 8am and collapsed there for a few minutes. However, the night wasn't over and soon we were in the Barracks for recovery. Met Mat and we danced some more and chatted to people various. Finally called it a day at around noon and went back to Adrian's to shower and sleep.

Sunday - 1-10pm: Slept.

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