Wednesday, October 17, 2001

Slept late and then had a Milkybar for breakfast. Yum. Did stuff round here - tidied room, laundry, applied for 6 jobs before heading down into town to meet Adrian (who for some reason was looking very, very horny) for coffee. The jobs range from the sublime to the ridiculous. Sublime? Working for AOL. Ridiculous? Working at IKEA! Maybe that's not that ridiculous - I can see the interview now:

IKEA person: So, what makes you think you are suited to working here?
Dave: I am a gay man. Therefore by definition I know your entire product range by heart.
IKEA person: Fantastic! Start immediately.

Other jobs included marketing for an unnamed company in the 'entertainment' industry; admin assistant at a hospital; night editor at a city bank and 'varied, unique' role for the Australian Performing Rights Association. So, really found my niche then.

Wandered round downtown then had a sudden urge for pumpkin chilli pasta, so came home and cooked it. Yum. Made enough for about 4, so if anyone wants to pop round and share a bowl... Eaten another Milkybar since, and there's another one in the kitchen calling to me...

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