Tuesday, October 16, 2001

So. Friday. Can't remember what happened through the day, but met Adrian for coffee before going to the Oxford. Me, Garry. Met Mat, Phil, Tony, Andy, Patrick and so on. Various people left for someone's birthday meal, some came back, more drink was drunk and suddenly we decided we should go to Arq and dance. Oh dear oh lord. We did. It was great fun! Downstairs was a revelation, being quite good music and much more friendly than the bigger upstairs. This kept us entertained until about 4.30am, when for some reason Garry and I decided it would be best to leave. And go for a beer in the Oxford!! Weird. It was actually fairly busy and fun. Time to go home after that, but I may have taken a small detour...*

I turned up on Garry's doorstep at 10am. We chatted and watched Video Hits until about noon when I walked back to Oxford Street, got a bus to Brontë and then walked across the cliffs to home. Charlie was here with a man (shock horror!) so chatted to them a bit until finally getting a little sleep from about 3-4pm.

* If you want any further details of this, it will have to be by e-mail. Cryptic, schmyptic!

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