Wednesday, October 03, 2001

So, that was the weekend that was. A minker entry a day coming up, ish, as the days kind of merged into one. Or several at a time.

Friday: Did the coffee with Adrian thing and did indeed join the boys in the pub at around 7pm, having picked up tickets from Paul and Pete. Fun. The gang was all there and beers were had. L of D whisked me off to his place at one point, much to Garry's chagrin. Sadly no chagrin with L of D though!! I can't actually remember what we did, but I think we hit the Shift and I eventually stumbled home. Drunken. Drinken. Minken. (Go to Saturday and then come back to this bit when you hit the asterisk!! *Ah. No. Just remembered. We were joined in the Oxford by several other people, including Dennis and Darren and others. We went to the Beresford, not the Shift, for Bears night. Me and Darren got friendly. And friendlier. And as if by magic, I was in Pyrmont. Go back to Saturday after the *).

Saturday - day time: My brain is addled. Having trouble remembering anything!! I know I stayed round Bondi in the end, as originally Garry was going to come here and then we kind of ran out of time. Oh yes... I remember now. Er, going back to fill in some bits from Friday!!* Woke around 9am and Darren very kindly gave me a lift home to Bondi. In his open top sports car. With Kylie on at full blast. Ahh, the only way to travel. Took myself off to 'Love in a cup' for brekky. Back here feeling almost human again. Finally got all my stuff together and headed down into town. Met up with Adrian, Garry and Mat for coffee. Adrian headed back to his and we hit Garry's to get ready, with a couple of bottles of wine. Showers, girlie music and various outfits later, we got a cab to Adrian's and dropped off bags. To the Oxford for beers and then me and Garry hit Brad's birthday drinks. He was slaughtered!! Stayed until 9.30pm when we got Mat and Andy and hit Adrian's. Finally it was time for Sleaze Ball itself!

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