Friday, October 05, 2001

Something I forgot to blog from the other day. At Brad's party (sometime before Sleaze, a few beers a-minker) me and Garry were chatting away and scanning the crowd. Brad had his do at Cafe 191, or at least in the bar area, Sol, above it (famous for being featured in Muriel's Wedding, albeit briefly). There was this lovely looking guy in a group of men and women sat a little way away from us. Me and Garry were staring as he was just gorgeous - hairy, horny, masculine etc. Tongues out. One of the girls caught us looking and smiled.
"No chance, he's married" she said.
"Who to?" we shouted back.
"Me" she said and smiled.
I walked over to her and whispered gently in her ear "Lucky cow".
How I didn't get beaten up I'll never know!!

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