Wednesday, October 10, 2001

So. Wednesday night and first and foremost major thanks to two Davids - this one, and this one. Scally has sorted my FTPing to the proper Minkered... domain so expect something to happen soon. David Swish stopped me drifting to the right. But that's enough politics for one day.

Friday night saw me in a very good mood. Don't know why, just was. This resulted in me being absolutely minkered. Drunk as a skunk. Drunk as a mink. Skunkered. Adrian joined us at the Oxford (us being me and Mat and minkers various) before we headed to Bears at the Beresford. I had to ask Adrian to take me home as I was so la-la. Bless him - he did so, even though he didn't want to leave. He also very sweetly left me in bed whilst he did the gym thing Sat a.m. I eventually got up and we had coffee and toast and sat with Glenn and watched Star Wars on video. Excellent. I spent the rest of the weekend with Adrian. Originally we were doing Bondi, but then decided to stay downtown. I hit Bondi to grab stuff and then we had lunch with David and Jason before going to the park to watch the gay softball peeps have a knock around. Back for coffee and brownies. The most gigantic portions I've ever seen! (Missus). Got a video and went back to Adrian's having bought stuff for me to cook dinner. So far, so good.

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