Wednesday, October 03, 2001

Sunday - 10pm onwards: Got up and ate a muffin. Wow. Got ready to go out. More slinky outfits - slightly longer shorts, footie t-shirt. This time we left at around 11pm for another party called ICE. I didn't really know what to expect, but it was billed as much harder music and horny, hairy men. Wonder what made me want to go?? Anyway, we arrived and it was quite empty at first. A couple of vodka and red bulls later and it was filling up. The venue is great - dance floor the size of Trade, but on a number of different levels and a funkier DJ area. We plonked ourselves on a little ledge opposite there and me, Adrian, Glenn and Craig didn't move all night apart from the odd trip to the bar or the loo. The music was a cross between the last hour at the Vauxhall and Trade. The atmosphere and men were pure Vauxhall. It was fab! The DJ set from 1-3pm was great - very me. Luke Leal played, amongst other things, The Vision by Mario Piu (featuring DJ Arabesque), which I've never heard properly out in a club before. It fitted perfectly and the music carried on being fantastic until 7am, when it finally closed. Yippee!! However we weren't done and after a quick drop in at Adrian's we hit Arq to dance a bit more. Like you do. Finally my energy gave out at around 11am and we got to Adrian's and showered and crashed a while.

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