Thursday, October 25, 2001

Quick blog before getting my head down and finishing the research stuff for Tony. Coffee with Olivier turned out to be "coffee", which was kind of unexpected. But very nice! He's a nice guy. Headed to the Oxford to meet Garry (who was all set to send out the cops thinking I'd been chopped into small pieces!) and Vath (a special hello to Mat, joining us here on Minkered... for the first time today). To the Shift to try and play pool but too busy. Back to Vath's where we had the most fantastic grilled lamb sandwiches and drank red wine whilst listening to trashy music. Home via the Oxford for one last drink and I fell asleep on the bus. Hmmm. Woke up in who knows where and after walking for about 10 mins in one direction plucked at random realised I had no idea where I was. Thank the lord for cabs. Home and collapse in a heap. Up early this morning but all I've done is drink tea. Right. Work for Tony. More later.

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