Friday, October 19, 2001

Not much happened yesterday. Slept late, pottered around here and then finally got my act together and headed into town. Oh, but in breaking news, Tony has offered me a possible couple of days work next week, which should keep the wolves from the door. Also, he asked me if I wanted to join him in a 10k fun run from North Sydney back into town over the Harbour Bridge next weekend. I've said yes. I must be mad. Actually in the run up to Sleaze I was running between 20 and 25k a week so it's an incentive to get back to it. Downtown I hit the Oxford for beers with L of D, Steven, Stephen, Stephen and Gary. But not Garry and Mat, who'd gone to Fruits in Suits earlier and hoped to come to the Oxford after. I didn't want to do Fruits in Suits, but started to sulk when (by text message update) it seemed like they were having a good time, they weren't going to come back to the Oxford after all, and Garry had been bought a beer by a guy I think incredibly sexy. Great. Second night running I'd been left on my own waiting for Garry to call/turn up and then him not to, so was a bit peeved. And annoyed that I was missing out on all the fun. I got a bus home, ate more of yesterday's pasta, had a family sized Milkybar Milk and Cookies and a pot of tea and went to bed at 10.10pm. To stew in my own juices.

I can't remember all my dreams, but they were weird. There were aliens; an introduction ritual that involved us stroking them (their skin was spiky if you rubbed it the wrong way) and then dancing; a small alien being snatched by an owl; a hunt for said owl taking me and someone to a house with a woman and two kids where we thought the alien had been dropped down the chimney; finding the alien having had to move an entire chimney breast by finding a hidden lever; other people (baddies) who'd been there had been photographed and the image left for us to find... it gets a bit blurry after that. There was a boat involved at some point too. I'm going bananas.

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